Opening Hours
Mon - Sat 8.30am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

Any questions, further information or to make a booking Please call

Graham Lorimer
Tel:07730 676576

Professional hand car wash valeting in Cheltenham. You can find us at Waitrose's lower car park level


Express Services:
£10 - £13*
Total exterior wash and polish protection, including wheels and door openings plus tyre shine.

Silver Services:
£18 - £25*
Express plus full interior vacuum of the floor carpets, except the boot area. Carpets sprayed with deodoriser and tyre shine.

Gold Services:
£24 - £35*
'Silver' service plus all windows cleaned and polished inside and out, dashboard and door trims cleaned, boot vacuumed, tyre shine and air freshener.

Platinum Services:
£40 - £60*
'Gold' service plus Diamond shine polish, exterior trim conditioner, leather or fabric clean and fully deodorised interior.

* Price Depending on vehicle size